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Setting Changes:

Options have been reorganized to provide a better experience for minecraft bedrock players.

New Options:

Yes! You heard that correct! There are a few new options that were once hidden but I unlocked and changed for the public. The main two new options are for hiding the beta text and turning on and off vsync! Other changes include third person toggles being redone and moved to the top left of the settings.

Plus and Minus Packs:

Plus and minus packs are simple. They add or remove certain features that bedrocktimize offers that users may not like. Currently, the only plus/minus pack available is the bedrocktimize advanced render distance pack.

Plus Packs:

Advanced Render Distance Plus Pack:

This pack adds a render distance sider to the subpacks option (That's the little gear/cog button on the bottom right next to the activate/deactivate button on the texture pack. It's set to five chunks by default but you can go all the way down to one chunk for best performance (It's also very spooky).

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Terms Of Use:


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(Addon Creators)

  • Do not republish my code to other sites.

  • Do not reuse my code without permission.

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Known Issues:

-Advanced Render distance plus pack isn't currently working for some devices.

-Information button does not work on mobile devices.

-Vsync is disabled by mojang for some devices

Bedrocktimize v12.0.3 Changelog

UI Changes:

Chat text edit box now saves data only for the current game session

▶ You can now use bedrocktimize on featured servers

▶ Mob vote button is now accessible on the start screen

▶ Fixed mobile importing on some mobile devices

▶ Character creator skins now render once again

Bedrocktimize v12.0.0 Changelog

Known Bugs:

▶ Recovery Compass tool will appear as an echo shard in

minecraft versions 1.19.1+ (Working on a fix!)

▶ Sound section changes were reverted and will be fixed

in a future update

UI Changes:

▶ New Title logo! Thanks @MrBrose_!

▶ Revamped Start screen to fit most modern Minecraft UIs

▹Added a Sidebar similar to those found in the


▹Added customized sidebar icons which may be modified

buy texture pack creators for compatability sake

▹Added a toggle that allows users to hide the Start

screen paper doll

▹Paperdoll can once again be rotated left to right

▶ Added new accessibility options

▹Notification Duration drop down is found in

"Advanced Settings"

▹Darkness effect strength is found in "Graphics"

▶ Added recovery compass to inventory tools (Bugged

in 1.19.1)

▶ HUD Now renders under the inventory, death, and chat

screens so players can see their death coordinates

▶ New chat screen panel

▹Added "Copy Coordinates" and "Paste" buttons to

the "Tab Up", "Tab Down", "Previous Up", and

"Previous Down" panel

▹Updated "Tab" and "Previous" button icons


▶ Content log errors should now longer flood the Settings

screen and cause lag upon opening inventory


▶ Moved a few file locations around

▶ Updated info credits screen